About NESSI (the Networked Software and Services Initiative)

Digital societies and economies are based on ubiquitous and instantaneous access to value-added services and information, and upon the agile, adaptive and dynamic collaboration between organisations, communities and individuals. Europe and the world will significantly change by 2020. Digital Convergence will transform 21st century society and will have a disruptive influence on social innovation.

NESSI, the Networked Software and Services Initiative, is the European Technology Platform, for this new Digital Information Society and Economy powered by software and services and data

NESSI promotes that software, services, and data are key enablers to help resolve European societal and economic challenges across all sectors, both private and public, such as manufacturing, transportation, energy, and healthcare.

NESSI’s vision is the “Digital Information Society and Economy 2.0” which allows European businesses and citizens to stay competitive, to swiftly create new economic value and to experience new service offerings. This digital world provides a hyper-connected environment, where services are accessible ubiquitously and immediately; where collaboration among organisations, communities, and individuals are happening in an agile, adaptive and dynamic manner; and where the growing amount of data provides opportunities for new business, increased well-being and productivity efficiencies.

NESSI is formally recognised by the European Commission in its communique “SWD(2013) 272 final” as a European Technology Platform (ETP) and as such should:
  • Develop Strategies and a coherent business-focused analysis of research and innovation bottlenecks and opportunities related to societal challenges and industrial leadership actions: strategy function
  • Mobilise industry and other stakeholders within the EU to work in partnership and deliver on agreed priorities: mobilising function
  • Share information and enable knowledge transfer to a wide range of stakeholders across the EU: dissemination function

NESSI’s first objective is to engage with European (ICT) Industry and to promote the need for dramatic changes due to new ICT eco-systems and innovations which are a pre-requisite for Europe to stay competitive globally. Innovation will take place in infrastructure, software, platforms, products, services, processes and information. Individual technologies will advance in areas such as servicification of products, platforms interoperability, real-time data analytics, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and virtualisation and these will all be supported by new advanced innovative software engineering techniques and tools.
The convergence of the network of services, the network of things, and the network of data and content will open further doors in the digital world. Developments such as cloud computing, social media, data analytics, and mobile communication allow the rapid formation of these ecosystems. Therefore, innovations in software and services need to be understood as a composition of complementary elements in the following areas:
  • Infrastructure innovation
  • Information innovation
  • Product, Service and Process innovation
  • Software innovation
  • Platform innovation (Social Innovation)