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> NESSI Recommendations for ICT Work Programme 2018+

NESSI has provided the EC with recommendations towards the ICT Work Programme 2018 – 2020, focussing on the key role that generic software engineering principles, techniques and tools will play. It argues for key software engineering challenges to be addressed by research and innovation actions towards realizing a Software Continuum. To avoid replicating investments and research effort, NESSI advocates setting up centralized activities on generic software engineering principles, techniques and tools, which may feed complementary more domain specific activities.

The NESSI recommendations are available at NESSI > Publications > Position Papers.

> NESSI White Paper on Security and Privacy - From the Perspective of Software, Services, Cloud and Data

This white paper focuses on the increasing role of security and privacy and highlights research directions from a NESSI perspective. The paper does not aim to look at security and privacy from all angles, but on the impact on software, services, cloud and data of all kinds.

Managing risks – Tools to improve the analysis and treatment of risks by reducing the reliance on labour intensive and potentially error-prone analysis by experts is required.
In the cloud – Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) and cryptographic mechanisms are to be enabled for applications in cloud environments. Standardized frameworks would support making transparency-related information available to cloud customers and would enable automated security and privacy enforcement and traceability in federated clouds.
While analysing data – Technologies exist to detect security incidents and violations; little exists in the area of privacy. Statistical privacy, research on implementing measures directly to the core of the system and a categorization and formulation of principles is also needed.
Awareness in life cycle – Privacy-enabled applications must be ‘certified’ or ‘labelled’ to existing regulations and legal requirements. Clearly defined automatic policy handling could be achieved, if data are equipped with sticky policies.
Data analytics for security and privacy – Analytics could automatically detect, identify and classify sensitive information. Existing privacy technologies should be improved such that they become useful and usable by guaranteeing performance, scalability, availability, and utility.

Finally the white paper highlights some example application sectors in which NESSI Partners are active.

You can access the full text of the Security and Privacy White Paper
at NESSI > Publications > Position Papers.

> NESSI White Paper on Cyber Physical Systems

The NESSI White Paper on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) identifies relevant challenges and opportunities for CPS, focussing on the impact of CPS on the main areas of NESSI and vice versa. In particular the paper assesses the impact of having more and more software-intensive elements in CPS. The White Paper is organized along four main themes:

Software engineering for CPS: The intelligence, dynamics and flexibility of future CPS lies in the ability to be context-aware and to produce software that is both dependable and adapts to real time change, which goes beyond today's software engineering state of the art and practices.
Cloud for CPS: Cloud computing is a key element to obtain ubiquitous system deployment, execution and interaction, and provides key principles (such as adaptation and multi-tenancy) that may be leveraged for all kinds of devices.
CPS and Big Data: CPS with its computational power on the devices (including edge computing) will be a major source, collector, processor and distributer of data, not only in volume, but also in velocity, variety and veracity.
Software-based services on top of CPS: Software-based services constitute a key enabler for leveraging, packaging and delivering the core capabilities of a CPS infrastructure, realizing the potential that lies in creating value to business applications.

The NESSI CPS White Paper is available at
NESSI > Publications > Position Papers.


NESSI is the European Technology Platform (ETP) dedicated to Software, Services and Data. NESSI provides input to EU Institutions on research actions and technology matters of particular importance to the software domain, and the overall aim is to enable the software and services sector help vitalize the great potential of the European economy and society. NESSI gathers Partners and Members from all over Europe, from industry, research centres and academia, and engages in close dialogue with the European Commission and other stakeholders on topics of relevance to NESSI, including cloud computing, cyber physical systems, and everything-as-a-service.
NESSI takes an active role in addressing future challenges of Europe, by working to ensure that sufficient resources are invested in leading-edge research and innovation for technologies in the software and service domain. Europe has to turn its outstanding R&I potential, its infrastructure and its technological environment into successful product development and marketable products in order to maintain its competitive edge.

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