Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI)

> International Cooperation - NESSI was present at two international events held in Morocco in December 2014

Two major events were held in Morocco in December 2014 focusing on Technology Platforms and NESSI in particular as instruments for cooperation on research and innovation projects. In both events, Tonny Velin (Answare, NESSI partner) explained the objectives of the MOSAIC project aiming at creating Technology Platforms covering the Maghreb region (Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia) and the Mashriq region (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria). Tonny Velin made a presentation of the NESSI model as a successful European Technology Platform willing to collaborate with the Maghreb region and emphasized on how the European Technology Platforms and non-European can work together to develop and pass a long-term partnership on the needs of the Mediterranean industry in research and innovation around the ICT 2020 program.

International Workshop on WIreless Networks and mobile COMmunications - WINCOM 2014, 18/12/2014, Rabat, Moroco

The International Workshop on Wireless Networks and mobile COMmunications (WINCOM 2014) is dedicated to address the challenges in the areas of wireless networks & mobile communications. The main purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum to exchange ideas, discuss solutions and share experiences among researchers and professionals from industry and academia interested in wireless networks and mobile communications.

Coopération euro-méditerranéenne stratégique dans la recherche et l'innovation a travers des Plateformes Technologiques pour cibler le programme Horizon 2020 TIC et les grands défis sociétaux, 19/12/2014, Tanger, Morocco

During the last decade, European Technology Platforms (ETPs) have played a major role in mobilizing research resources, technological development and innovation in order to establish long-term strategic agendas search and development that the European Commission is based. These strategic agendas identify key technologies with significant economic and social impact for the next twenty years. The organization and mission of PTEs were reviewed and adapted to target the "Horizon 2020" program, which will significantly strengthen and expand the industrial and technological power in Europe. Meanwhile, Technology Platforms (PT) have been created in other parts of the world with the aim of facilitating collaboration between European countries and other countries around common research themes.

> NESSI Member´s & INCO Day 2014 proves great success

The NESSI Member´s and INCO Day 2014 was a great success, many thanks to all participants. The event, which took place on the 20th and 21st at the “Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona”, was attended by over 110 individuals from 36 different countries. The participants included representatives from the European Commission, other European Technology Platforms (such as NEM, NetWorld2020 and PLANETIC), organisations, and researchers, from European and non-European countries (including Central Asia, South East Asia and Latin America), working on projects focused on International Cooperation for ICT.

The purpose of this event was to set-up a “Proposal development & consortium formation” Workshop in view of the H2020 calls closing in April 2015 with the aim at enhancing the collaboration between NESSI members, other ETP members and also organisations from International Co-operation partner countries and to foster an open dialogue to discuss and elaborate proposal ideas and start buil
ding proposals under the ICT topics identified such as: ICT, eHealth, Transport, Energy, Secure Societies, Space and H2020– EUB-2015 (Europe-Brazil).
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> Big Data Public Private Partnership Signature

The signature of the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership (BDV PPP) took place on 13 October 2014 at the Hotel Silken Berlaymont in Brussels, by the European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes and the President of the Big Data Value Association Jan Sundelin, TIE Kinetix. The BDV PPP signature is the first step towards building a thriving data community in the EU.

This signature marks the commitment by the European Commission, industry and academia partners to build a data-driven economy across Europe, mastering the generation of value from Big Data and creating a significant competitive advantage for European industry, boosting economic growth and jobs.

To learn more about this PPP please consult our news section. The BDV official press release is also available here.

> NESSI Software Engineering White Paper
Through the Software Engineering White Paper, NESSI seeks to raise awareness for the continued and even increased need for EU software engineering research and innovation programmes, in order for Europe to remain competitive and innovative. To this end, this white paper reflects NESSI’s input to the forthcoming Horizon 2020 work programme (ICT/LEIT WP2016-2017). Moreover, it identifies relevant software engineering research challenges in three major technology areas:
  • Software Engineering in and for the Cloud
  • Software Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Software Engineering for and with Big Data

This white paper also provides recommendations on how the specifics software should be addressed during product and service innovation. In addition, the paper provides recommendations on skill and competency building needed for a well-trained industry workforce. Finally, it delivers recommendations for maximizing the impact of software engineering research and innovation projects based on lessons learned from past FP7 projects. The NESSI Software Engineering White Paper is available under "publications - positions papers".

NESSI is the European Technology Platform (ETP) dedicated to Software and Services. NESSI provides input to the EU Institutions on research actions and technology matters of particular importance to the software domain, and the overall aim is to enable the software and services sector help vitalize the great potential of the European economy and society. NESSI gathers partners and members from all over Europe, both from industry and academia, and engages in close dialogue with the European Commission and other stakeholders on several topics of specific relevance to NESSI - such as Big Data Value, Cloud Computing and Software Engineering.
NESSI takes an active role in addressing future challenges of Europe, by working for ensuring that enough resources are invested in leading-edge industrial and academic research for innovative technologies in the software and service domain. Europe has to turn its outstanding R&D potential, its infrastructure and its technological environment into successful product development and marketable products in order to maintain its competitive edge.

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